The Roman Sky

The mystical essence of the sky induces fear, allure, and inspiration. Perhaps this is the reason Rome was once the center of the world. Its natural grandeur could not be stolen, no matter how hard invaders tried.

Every piece of the city I ventured into, the sky lingered over like a quiet, yet capricious ruler. It blends in well with whatever scene it finds itself in, but it remains the focal point, even if you are viewing a 2000 year old edifice. I found myself stopping mostly to capture glimpses of the sky at its most confounding moments. Though I could not collect all of them in my iPhone photo gallery, I was actually shocked at how many I was able to get!

My quick trip to Rome would best be summarized through the sky and its effortless beauty.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Il Laghetto di Villa Borghese made me reminisce of my many strolls through Central Park.



A View of Corte di Cassazione, Palace of Justice


The other side of Corte di Cassazione. This park area captivates me, particularly dynamic of the palm trees and surrounding architecture. Through random discovery, it becomes more evident how multifaceted Rome is.


Off of Via del Corso, an upwards view of Piazza Colonna and Colonna di Marco Aurelio



L’Accademia di Belle Arti, Roma


The clouds during a quick break before walking through the old city. The whimsicality of light astounds me; it provides something different each moment and from each click on your iPhone’s camera.



The first photo from Piazza del Campidoglio made me feel as if I was under the wrath of Zeus. I was openly obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology through childhood and adolescence (Percy Jackson anyone?)



A late afternoon at Piazza della Repubblica



Piazza del Quirinale, the Quirinal Palace

I am by no means a photographer, an amateur at best. While I stupidly left my Canon in the States, I managed to survive off of the camera provided by the iPhone 6S. The clouds, nevertheless, were captured, losing only a bit of their flamboyance – a part that can only be taken in through the human eye. I always found it tantalizing how each mind acquires such an individual impression of a scene. To me, my love for history overtakes my perceptions. I imagine some immense power communicating several emotions and events through movements and shapes. It all causes for me to marvel at the endless possibilities nature holds.

I would love to know what you see.

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