The Break

I neglected this blog. I do have a tolerable excuse. Full time school enrollment, work, and never-ending personal matters seem to always put you further and further away from certain things you wholeheartedly enjoy doing without any explicit obligation. Throw in some mindless procrastination and you can kiss hobbies good bye. But, here I am, back at it. I am excited to just write for the hell of it, for some or no people at all. Especially now that I am relieved of certain obligations at least for a few weeks. I am traveling an itty bit and I am going to need to share in writing, whether its here or in pen, or both.

I am currently 650 km away from Firenze, in Munich (or if we are being exact: München.) Being here right at this very moment makes me happy to be spending time away from the states; I was initially supposed to spend time in Holland, but last minute my boyfriend said we would first spend some of the time visiting his father in Munich. An 8 hour car ride later, here I am! It is my first time staying in Germany. I have driven through the country 3 times before, but all I really got to know were the efficient (not free) rest stop bathrooms and the intensity of the German autobahn, which is just their highway with certain portions without a speed limit (a PSA for some people who are being mislead on what it actually is.) I am genuinely excited. Today was the first day walking around and seeing things. Unfortunately, it is a Saturday. Being from the New York area, I should have already assumed what sort of hell I was going to enter. A Saturday, during Christmas time, in a massive Christmas market…

Did I mention how BIG Munich’s Christmas market is? It is the Grinch’s nightmare. There are multiple stalls resembling little wooden cabins festively decorated with tons of lights, all clustered in Marienplatz. But, it does not end there. The market sprawls out into into neighboring streets. The air is perpetually thick with smells of sugar melting and bratwurst searing on the griddle. It is bitter cold, but there is a spot for mulled wine (glühwein) every 5 feet basically so your dead finger tips can be always be revived. These petite wooden cabin-like stalls ravish you more than 5th avenue’s brilliantly lit streets. It is the Christmas scene you always wanted to be in , but never exactly knew where to find it. I am glad to have another day to see this market, a weekday thankfully, without having to nudge through hundreds of people just to catch a sight of what the smell is from the nearest vendor.

I might also add that my German skills are practically nonexistent. BUT, if we are going to be optimistic here my choir and opera training days where I occasionally confronted German songs are giving me some headway in the pronunciation game. This, combined with English being considered a Germanic language, makes getting around a little less baffling.

So, this post does not have any stunning photos of unique sites, food, or what not, but I am intending on accumulating some visuals over my time here. But, there are some touristy Munich photos that I could not help, but put in; what is a post without some eye candy?


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