The Best Gelato in Florence, Italy!

Heading to Florence soon? Well, you cannot sleep on the best gelato in Florence, Italy!

Florence may be loved for renaissance architecture, fashion, and overall incredible design. This city is also home to some of the most delicious gelato.

It comes as no surprise – the earliest gelato makers lived in Florence. Bernardo Buontalenti and Fernando Ruggieri were both men of the Renaissance, a time where innovation was thriving in Italy. Both were architects and designers, who somehow fell in love with dessert.

Buontalenti is typically more accredited for gelato, as he was the one who discovered that milk and eggs could turn a simple sorbetto into something magical.

Now, there are plenty of others who contributed to the evolution of gelato. Today, we focus on Florence. So, after living in Florence myself, I am giving you the complete list of the best gelaterie in modern-day Florence.

Here is the Full List of the Best Gelato in Florence, Italy!

My Sugar

Nestled on Via de’ Ginori, just North of the Duomo craziness is My Sugar. This place makes award-winning gelato. Their unique flavors and small batch production will blow your taste buds away. This includes a dark chocolate gelato made with Chianti. Yes, a gelato with wine does exist!

Gelateria Artigianale La Sorbettiera

Tucked away in the Oltrarno, La Sorbetteria serves up some of the most authentic gelatos in the city. That’s because they use pure ingredients, which you’ll know right away when you taste any of their flavors. I mean, their cioccolato fondente (or dark chocolate) is made with 75% dark chocolate.

Gelateria dei Neri

Named after the street it’s on, this place serves up some unique and brilliant flavors. Their pistacchio e crema – a pistachio and ricotta gelato – is out of this world. The same goes for their cremino di nocciola – hazelnut gelato with a generous layer of chocolate hazelnut cream on top. To die for!

Gelateria Edoardo

Gelateria Edoardo specializes in organic gelato, claiming to be the first organic gelato maker in Tuscany! We suggest you try the zabaglione, a gelato interpretation of a traditional Italian custard. Or, their gianduja – their gelato version of the iconic chocolate hazelnut spread. Whatever you do, make sure you get one of Edoardo’s fresh & delicious cones!

Perché no!…

Perché No means ‘Why Not’ in Italian. That’s always my response to “Do you want gelato?”

This place is super popular with locals and tourists alike. That’s because they’ve been making gelato since 1939. Almost 90 years of gelato making must mean something, right? I recommend any of their seasonal flavors or sorbetti. You won’t find them like this anywhere else.

La Strega Nocciola Gelateria Artigianale

This chic gelateria is one of the most popular on this side of town. In fact, it has a couple of locations, maintaining superior quality gelato at each one. You must try their stracciatella, a sweet milk gelato with pieces of dark chocolate. Or, if you want something super special – try their lavender gelato!

Gelateria La Carraia

Named after the ponte outside, this gelateria offers simple and delicious gelato, with a view. Grab a scoop of your favorite flavor (we love the white chocolate with pistachio!) and go sit on the bridge, just like the Florentines do.

Know anyone going to Florence soon? Or, maybe it’s you! Don’t forget to bookmark this list so that you can get the best gelato in Florence that will totally change your perspective on gelato forever!

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