Portland isn’t that gray

Sometimes, you just gotta go. Oftentimes, we drown ourselves in doubt when faced with traveling. We ‘future trip,’ thinking there will always be a ‘better’ or more convenient time to go. But, do we really know that? Of course, there are times when it is blatantly obvious a trip is not going to work, like your cat decided to go into a diabetic coma from eating all your Oreo’s or something… Either way, with extreme cases aside, you got to press the pause button on the mindless thoughts and sit your butt down in the car, train, or plane and cruise the hell out.

That is sort of how I found myself in Portland last weekend. I huffed and puffed about how the trip might be inconvenient, a set back, in getting home for the holidays. That Portland is a bit of a road trip and it is going to be tiresome. How I could save money if I ate at home and finish all the organization. But, what fun is that? My curiosity for the killer food and bev scene in Portland was standing there like “Yo you gonna make me wait even longer dude?” I finally had a reason/opportunity to go see the rainy food mecca.

So, this post really is just to show how gorgeously colorful Portland actually is. I will rant about food separately. The nature deserves an independent post. To me, Portland is the Prague of America; it is not quite warm and sunny. It is ridden with seemingly permanent clouds. But, its rich history lights it up. There are underground tunnels and incredibly diverse restaurants. A much more damp climate than, say, Northern California, allows for a brilliant amount of thick vegetation to just sprawl out naturally. It is a cooler temperate jungle. I could not help, but snap every tidbit of color I saw. I think it was the most ‘fall’ I have felt in a long time…





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