Moka Mondays (How to Make Moka Pot Coffee)

There is no better way to start the day or week than with a steamy pot of moka coffee. How to make moka pot coffee is so easy too!

Too often, people mistake moka coffee for espresso. Yes, it can be a considered a ‘stovetop espresso maker.’ That’s because nonnas have been enjoying moka coffee either in the morning or after a long delicious lunch.

The coffee moka pots produce isn’t espresso. It is very concentrated and rich. But, to make an espresso, you need extremely high pressure. This can only come from using an espresso machine. The moka, on the other hand, is more like a percolator (yeah – remember those?) To learn more about the death of the percolator, you can learn a bit here.)

ANYWAYS, back to MOKA! Obviously, I am a devout lover of the moka pot. It is my ritual every morning. I love my moka pot so much that I’ve given up on fixing my espresso machine for now. Every time I find a solution to one problem, another problem arises. My moka NEVER fails me.

Why? Because it literally has 3 parts you really need to know. No technician or mechanic needed if something ever goes wrong. And, nothing ever really goes wrong with this pot.

Ok, so how do you moka?!?! Easy peasy.

Moka Pot Parts

Before you do anything, you need to know the parts of the moka pot. There are only a few, with just 3 that you will be engaging with when brewing your coffee (those are highlighted in bold.)

  • Top chamber
  • Filter plate
  • Gasket
  • Filter Funnel
  • Funnel
  • Valve
  • Bottom chamber

Every piece plays an essential role. The filter plate stays attached to the top chamber with the gasket (similarly to an espresso machine.) This will pretty much stay in place until you do a thorough moka cleaning.

For now, lets just focus on the top chamber, bottom chamber, and filter funnel. I could talk forever about how the moka pot literally works. But, I am sure you are a coffee addict like me and are more concerned with how to get your caffeine elixir, fast.

So, let’s get started!

How to Make the Perfect Moka Pot Coffee

First, grind your coffee beans

You want to use a medium or medium-fine grind. Too coarse or too fine of a grind will result in an uneven brew.

Coffee type? A medium or dark roasts will work just right. I prefer using a coffee that has chocolate-y and nutty notes. (Pictured: Blanchard’s Bear Trap Espresso, which I freshly grind and store in my Kimbo container!)

Heat Water for your Bottom Chamber

You will want to use filtered hot water to fill the bottom chamber.

Filtered water prevents extra mineral build up in your pot. The hot water speeds up the brewing process and also keeps your moka from ‘cooking’ the grinds.

Fill your filter funnel with coffee grinds

You want to create a MOUNTAIN with your coffee grinds. This will even out when you secure the top chamber to the bottom chamber to create pressure.

Secure the top chamber to the bottom chamber

Use a kitchen towel to hold the bottom chamber, as it should contain hot water. You want to make sure that the two are tightly sealed together!

Place your moka pot over medium heat

Make sure that the lid is kept open the entire brewing period! Brew time depends on your stove, but shouldn’t go for more than 10-12 minutes.

Close the lid and remove from heat when coffee makes a ‘gurgling’ like sound!

Enjoy your coffee by itself, or with the delicious foamed milk for a cappuccino.
A dash of cinnamon makes everything better!

I am so in love with my moka. Its traveled with me everywhere! If you’re curious about more moka pot tips and tricks, follow me along. I am frankly addicted to coffee, particularly espresso and my moka pot. So, there will never be a shortage of caffeine here!

Drop a comment below with any and all your Italian coffee questions!!

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