(low)Kehoe Beach

Today, I nearly fell into a bin of fermenting grapes. It is practically obligatory as an intern to take a tumble into a vat of grapes. So, my right foot, up to my ankle, is currently still soaked in grape juice. I almost ALMOST took a whole tumble into the bin, but I caught my bum at the edge, landing in some strange break dancing ab crunch position. Couldn’t save my right foot, though. The rest of me is decorated in random grape seeds and juice. Actually, that is me all the time at work. It’s like a daily free tie dye session.

Speaking of sinking, diving, etc… I am reminiscing of my recent beach adventure. My coworker recommended an absolute gem of a location. It requires distance (as does everything in California) and wanderlust. I mean the entire drive, well once you past the 101 after Petaluma, leads you to a terrain that makes you feel lost. That good travel lost, where everything is awe inspiring and brand new. The topography is wildly diverse and incredibly vast. You drive through irregular hills that look as smooth as a horse’s coat. Speckles of random green foliage decorate the hills, until you edge closer to the coast, where these giant pine trees stick out of the hills in perfect angles. They grow sideways and are brilliantly green.  If I had to guess where I was, that is if I was wiped of previous memory in that exact moment, I would guess South Africa. Never been, but the aridness of the hills and coastal grasslands combined in such a foreign and fascinating way. If my assumption is wrong, please yell at me.

Oh right, the name of the secret beach you ask? It is nestled in the Point Reyes National Seashore where you can also find one of Clover’s dairy farms! Saw a barn load of cows chilling on our way out from the beach. It was the first time this Jersey urbanite was able to nearly touch a cow. Those cuties get scared super easily. They appear quite skeptical, and I would be too if I were a cow…


Anyways, Kehoe beach. That is the place, with stunning cliffs and endless shoreline. It is pretty relaxed, and is the most darling of places to have an impromptu sunset aperitivo. I bastardized any and all of my Italian culture by trying out (multiple) Truli hard seltzers, rather than a single spritz. More portable, definitely tastes like metal. Whatever. KEHOE BEACH is the best and biggest secret. It only reflects the expansiveness and gorgeousness of the California coastline. This not so little hidden paradise demanded a half mile footpath. It is not too bad, unless you are barefoot. Then, a random fallen thistle or two may puncture your sand-scrubbed feet. Not pleasant.


From the beach, you have the unobstructed ocean front sunset of your fairytale, romcom dreams. You watch every inch of the sun as at sinks into the Pacific. It is best to leave right after the sun gives it final adieu, as a saunter back to your car, up the sandy hills through the path. The dark shadowy dunes and the multicolored sky puts you in a trance.


Bring a jacket by the way, because the minute the sun says ‘buh-bye,’ it drops a good 10 or so degrees….

Other tips? I say PICNIC it! Plan early, spend the day, and leave after sunset. Or, if you hate that evening chill, head out a bit early and hit of Point Reyes. There, all these groovy bars and restaurants await you, with tons of live music! Will be back with more once I get out there. Until then, I am swallowed by grapes.

A presto!!




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