Happy National Spaghetti Day!

Today is one of the most important holidays of the year: National Spaghetti Day! Yes, this iconic pasta shape has its own day of celebration. But, I celebrate spaghetti all the time. To quote Sophia Loren for the billionth time, “Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.” And, she’s damn right.

To cut to the chase and begin the spaghetti appreciation, I am sharing all my favorite spaghetti moments of this year (and a couple from years past) along with some very iconic ones. Each photo is a time capsule of an intimate moment I shared with this historic pasta, alone or with friends. Spaghetti should never be dull – it should always be an experience, from the second you plunge your fork into your bowl to the quick slurp of your last spaghetti.

La Carbonara

Spaghetti alla carbonara is a quintessential piece of Roman food culture. Of course, carbonara doesn’t have to be made with spaghetti. But, it tastes just so good with it.


La Amatriciana

I love carbonara, but I really really love amatriciana. This Roman dish is savory, peppery, and has the perfect amount of sweetness from the tomato. It’s like carbonara – just swap the egg with tomato, and you’ve got amatriciana (sort of…!)

Spaghetti alle Vongole (Spaghetti with Clams)

My favorite spaghetti and seafood dish forever. So simple, so flavorful, so irresistible!

This comes from Ristorante D’Amore in the gorgeous island of Capri.

And, a homemade version by my aunt Angelina:

Spaghetti al cartoccio

Spaghetti baked in foiled. This dish is served at Da Bruno in Positano. It has vongole and locally grown zucchini.


Spaghetti ai frutti di mare

A classic Italian pasta dish – spaghetti ai frutti di mare or spaghetti with mixed seafood (the fruits of the sea!) is just divine. This was prepared expertly at Osteria Il Bertoldo in Verona.

Spaghetti con baccalà

Simple and elegant – this spaghetti with codfish is light, refreshing, and easygoing. Leave it to Trattoria Cammillo in Florence to make this dish so perfectly (did I mention this dish features their very own extra virgin olive oil?)

Spaghetti con le zucchine

I absolutely adore spaghetti with zucchini. It is an underrated summer pasta dish. You can make it however you like, or you can try to make it alla nerano style, a traditional spaghetti with zucchini dish from the illustrious Amalfi Coast.

Spaghetti con i porcini

There is nothing that screams fall in the Tuscan mountains like porcini mushrooms. This preparation with spaghetti alla chitarra, fresh spaghetti made using la chitarra (a guitar-like pasta cutter,) was so tastebud seducing. The porcini were soft, the pasta had just the right bite. This was enjoyed at a winemakers lunch, not a restaurant, so sadly no location on this one…;)

Spaghetti with Yellow Tomato Sauce & Buffalo Ricotta

My very own summer vegetarian pasta recipe. You can discover all the details here.

Pasta with yellow tomato sauce and buffalo ricotta

Spaghetti integral con pesto di mandorle, pomodori secchi, & bottarga

From Osteria Il Borgo in Verona comes this exquisite and unique combination of almond pesto, sundried tomato, and bottarga (dried fish roe) with multigrain, bronze-extruded spaghetti!


Now, the spaghetti doesn’t really stop here. There will always be more to come. I cannot wait to see what pasta recipes and shenanigans this new year brings.

I would love to hear all your favorite spaghetti dishes. Don’t be shy to leave a comment below!

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