New York: A Macrocosm, the Beginning

The very first post of a finally executed idea.

This blog commences with a whole lot of tenacity to reveal that our roots, as well as the roots of others around us, enable us to view our world at the core of its beauty. While the world currently is swallowed by the complexities of millennial political and socioeconomic issues, the validity and truth that heritage brings can surely be denied. This seems all too simplified, given that there are many people who claim religious and cultural practices as reasoning for their every belief they own. However, in purely modern societies, it is evident that there is a fusion. This fusion is remarkable. It paves a new direction for the future. Yet, the only way for everybody to understand why we behave the way we do, why they eat the way they eat, and so on and so forth, is by engaging. The ground we walk on symbolizes the work of the past and possibilities of the future.

I will start this adventure in my home, New York City. It holds a deep history of strife and opportunity, which ultimately altered the America and the world. I adore its elusive illustrious history, masked by the chaos of Times Square. Random streets speak to you when you stop from the daily hype to breathe, sip your coffee, and open your eyes. Learning about the multiple cultural microcosms found within the five boroughs of Manhattan provided my wanderlust drunk self to realize that culture needs to be understood on two sides, the immigrants and the locals. The former undoubtedly becomes the latter. I want to expose to the world the significance of history and how it pertains to everything we do now, whether or not we have relatives who farmer oysters in Brittany or olive trees in Salerno. Speaking to those people and speaking to the people within the pandemonium of globalized metropolises reveals valuable connections that not only invigorate the soul, but teach us about what humanity truly is.

This is a personal blog, for all. It will provide unique travel advice, profound adventures, and distinct stories. Its a conglomerate of food, booziness, and maybe some fashion flair. It will be a bare and marvelous experience.

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