Another Room With a View

Sometimes I forget to be grateful. Not in a manner that is greedy, but in a manner of forgetfulness. In moments like this, we should remember how privileged many of us are and how we must work to make sure that such opportunities can be accessible at  all universally.

My Airbnb in Firenze was one of those things to be genuinely thankful for. My father, my best friend, generously lended me a hand so that I could stay in a safe, comfortable place, even after the first one failed on behalf of my own error. Although I can be persistent on maintaining my “independent” characteristic, striving to do almost everything myself, I realized that accepting this gift and enjoying it was the best thing to do. The gorgeous view of the Arno therefore evolved into an unexpected metaphor of gratitude.

This city is surrounded by a magical landscape. I am a city person, but often yearn for the tranquillity only found in more natural settings. However, I absolutely hate ticks. Those sneaky little lyme disease spreading bloodsucking users. Yes, very random, but it is the one reason thing that makes me abstain from camping. Hypochondria can destroy certain things, I know. Anyways, the hefty role nature plays in Italy is unmistakable, specifically with the country’s strong investment in agriculture. The uneven hills, gathered intimately around the city, connect you to what lies below and beyond the concrete and cobblestones. The capricious sky never ceases to find new textures, shades, and lighting to dazzle you. You wish you could grab one of those angelic, pillow like clouds and just ride along for a little while.

I say more often now, after living in Italy for an extended period of time, that looking at the sky helps me understand Michelangelo’s paintings of angels. You know, the ones that are found all over your proudly Catholic Italian nonna’s home back in the States. Those beautiful tinted pink clouds were not from his imagination; they were a constant masterpiece by nature.

Here is my compilation of photos from my balcony view. The photos are ordered by time of day.





Omnis ars naturae imitatio est // All art is, but an imitation of nature.” – Seneca The Younger

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