A Home at Hotel Poseidon

What does la dolce vita even mean? As an avid Positano visitor, I’d say you should leave most of your idealistic Fellini hopes on Netflix to embrace true adventure and spontaneity, and a nice tan on the side.

There are many hotels, BnBs, airbnbs, and every other sort of lodging in Positano. In the height of the blistering summer prices strike you even harder than the laser beam sun. Its smart to make a wise booking; bearing the motion sickness to arrive on the dazzling Amalfi Coast needs to be amply worth it.

Hotel Poseidon permits for an easy recovery. Down the winding Via Pasitea, its simply white facade could be quickly missed. Yet, a “diamond in the rough” typically falls under a blanket of humility. Also, the 1970 Volkswagen Beetle out front helps, too.

The portineria is full of Mediterranean tan faces who welcome you as a long lost cousin, eagerly showing you ever inch of your room, decorated in handprinted local tiles. The sprawling main terrazza is made of Grecian white iron railings that twist and curve like wild vines. A gentle buongiorno from one of the exceptional barmen leads you into a comfy seat that overlooks the deep cavern that holds Positano, along with the ever tantalizing Mediterranean Sea. Before you fall deeper into your fantasy, you find yourself thirsty for a limoncello spritz, a stellar house speciality, presented with a kind prego. At this point, you do not know whether the limoncello spritz or the sprawling sea and sky is more intoxicating. A quick resolve would be a dip in the lap pool and maybe another spritz…

It is quite astounding to find a place that combines the magic of nature and the magic of people. Every corner you turn at Hotel Poseidon, you find a piece of a story. Whether it be the oldest elevator in Positano or an exquisite Moroccan engraved antique table, your curiosity dances around to the history of this place. A history that finds itself deeply rooted in the chaos of WWII. Either way, the story you find can be old, new, or even your own. It is up to your own curiosity to find out.

But, alas, you feel it is all a dream. This is where Hotel Poseidon meets you in the middle. Every staff member extends their attention to the point of absolute friendship. There are laughs, jokes, and language lessons, bringing you less out of a fantasy and more into the moving reality that is life.

Before you know it, you will be bearing the motion sickness once more, this time on your way to that ‘9 to 5’ job you thought you could have left behind.


Below find a (amateur) photo sequence of a day at Hotel Poseidon…

all’alba / dawn
morning view from your garden terrazza
An elegant walk to breakfast
In awe by the breakfast view
Quick lounge after breakfast
Another view during your rest
Suddenly… lunch time!


Post lunch caffe
A quick read before hitting the beach
Fornillo Beach 300 steps down the way (or the mountain really…)
And before your eyes arrives the evening light…
Hotel Poseidon
Via Pasitea, 148 84017 Positano (SA) Italy
Tel. +39 089 81 11 11 – Fax. +39 089 87 58 33
Email: info@hotelposeidonpositano.it

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